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The fun of exploration – how the dG turns everyone into a wildlife expert

mars 09 2020


The fun of exploration – how the dG turns everyone into a wildlife expert

Our latest invention satisfies curiosity in all its facets. The dG is a smart optical device. Identify the wildlife you see, document your observations, and share your sightings.

Find out how the dG can enrich any outdoor adventure:


Learning to observe and identify animals together



Exploring nature with young people is both enriching and exciting.



Mentoring the next generation in treating nature with care and respect as a guest can be an unforgettable journey.



Curiosity can be the driving factor to engage youngsters with nature. There is so much to learn out there.



And the best thing is: with the dG and the associated apps (Merlin Bird ID and dG Mammals), you do not have to know it all by heart.



This smart device lets you take photos or videos and helps you to identify the wildlife you spot. A direct learning experience and entertaining treasure hunt.



Discover more together.


Curious to find out more?

Then check out this video and see how to identify, document and share your sightings with the dG.

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