The future of animal identification - dG

October 04 2020


The future of animal identification - dG

Isn’t it wonderful to have an expert by your side during your adventures in the great outdoors? But this isn’t always possible. And sometimes you want to discover hidden things on your own or with family and friends.

Imagine you’re out walking when you spot a bird you’ve never seen before. This is where the SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s dG helps you to identify what you see. It means you always have a personal mentor by your side.




The dG combined with a smartphone means you are perfectly equipped for an eye-opening expedition. Be guided by your curiosity and get to know more about your local wildlife. Have fun getting lightning-fast answers to the question: What amazing creature am I looking at?




Because one thing is for sure – as soon as you identify an animal or bird you see it with new eyes. You want to know more about how it lives, its distribution, feeding habits, and behavior. It gives you a broader understanding of your local wildlife and the ecosystem that is right on your doorstep.




Once you have been gripped by the joy of discovery, you will want to explore nature in all its facets. With the dG as your mentor, there is no end to the exciting discoveries you can make!


What are you waiting for?



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