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A stick in hand is more than enough to fight off a dragon, a tree is the perfect lookout for spotting distant islands on the horizon, and a box is a trusty steed for galloping across the deserts…

The Freedom to Experience More

Children at play in Papua, Indonesia.

Children remind us that a desire for adventure, for escape, and for new experiences is deeply ingrained in our psyches. The very idea that a world full of discovery lies just beyond is the premise of children’s books and young adult fiction in which heroes access worlds beyond their perspectives via secret doorways, magic words or a hidden key.


To feel the way that they do, the way we once did, we too seek adventure. Ever farther from the beaten path and armed with a desire to experience something novel, we seek authenticity and connection, recalling our earliest instincts for play: a sense of wonder and a desire for adventure.


Where is your sense of adventure?

Few objects evoke a sense of wonder like binoculars. After all, they bring the extraordinary closer and they allow us to view subjects just beyond our reach, allowing travellers and adventurers to sidestep the mundane and access the secrets hidden just beyond. Binoculars speak to our desire for authenticity because they provide us with a viewpoint that is ours alone. They also speak to our longing for connection when we hand them to a travel companion to share the experience. In this way, we engage with the world around us in a manner that is both more personal and also more unique.


Binocularsbelong on every adventure, be it to a distant volcano, an exotic island, or when exploring your own back yard.

Driven by a sense of adventure

Adventure awaits you at every island and through the thickest of jungles.

Wanderlust is in the midst of a generational change. Increasingly, travellers desire the time to explore and are less focused on earning than generations past. This new breed of traveller seeks to encounter, to blend experiences across continents, and to seek out new cultures, connections, authenticity and personalization.


Having an adventure that is yours and yours alone may mean leaving the beaten path for the farthest flung corners of the globe. Or, by travelling or taking binoculars on an excursion, it may instead mean discovering each valuable moment in more detail.


Best of all: Where you seek to discover is entirely up to you. Adventures also await you in your community, state or region.

When adventure calls

The distant slopes are full of wildlife. Zoom in.

When does a hobby become a passion? When do weekend trips become weeklong stays in pursuit of something more? When does what we love to do become an expression of who we are, and when do the tools we use for discovery come to define our lifestyles?


When that moment comes in your progression as a traveller, few investments are more worthwhile than binoculars. For their size, nothing you can bring on your journey is more worth its modest weight. Highly portable, lightweight, waterproof and capable of revealing what others haven’t noticed, binoculars let you in on the potential discoveries just beyond the limits of your senses.

Share the adventure

The joy of discovery is doubled when shared.

Best of all perhaps, binocular’s secrets are yours to share. The experience of making a discovery is doubled or even tripled when one friend or more is with you.


Pass the binoculars around and share your sense of discovery or start a conversation with a stranger by sharing what you see. Sharing is one of the most rewarding benefits of travelling with binoculars.


CL Companion binoculars, for instance, were made for sharing moments with the whole world. Using a special adapter, get closer to the action and take pictures or videos with your iPhone and upload it to social media.

Adventure is where you are

The end of the road at Lake Song Kol in Kyrgyzstan.

With binoculars, you can travel to the ends of the earth. You can also travel to the end of your street and see your neighborhood in a whole new way.


Chances are there are plenty of amazing places to discover close by, from cityscapes and urban parks to state and national parks or even a close-by nature reserve. Discover distant architectural details, witness the power of an airplane as it zooms towards your position at the outskirts of an airport, or enjoy a sporting event, concert or theatre production and get closer to the action.


What you seek to discover is up to you.

Get in on the adventure

When everything is swarming around you, sometimes it’s best to just focus.

What does the hunter know? What have children discovered instinctively? And what does the naturalist know that you don’t?


That there is always much more to discover…


With binoculars like the CL Companion, you have the freedom to experience so much more during each valuable moment. Memories are made of such experiences and the details of what you see are the ingredients of lasting impressions.

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