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Avoid A Holiday Hangover With Binoculars 

We’ve all been there. Unpacking after a vacation often means shelving beloved equipment as well as a return to the monotony of everyday life. The only things left to look forward to, which in any way connect to the vacation that was, are the thousands of photos many of us put off editing. Seemingly, images stored on a memory card are all that remain as evidence of a fantastic journey of discovery. 
As you unpack, it’s useful to think about what you packed and why. Sunblock and sunglasses are essential almost everywhere, a flashlight often comes in handy, and the vast majority of travellers pack a camera or take photos with their phone. But if you packed a pair of binoculars, it’s likely that you had a keen interest in the fine details of the place you visited or perhaps in the region’s natural history. Seeking to get a closer look, maybe you were searching for something special. 
Few things, after all, and no matter where you’re travelling, will bring as much joy as a good pair of binoculars. Lighter in weight, sharper, more weatherproof, and sturdier than ever, no object you could pack will get you closer to the action. 
But why should this sense of discovery stop once back at home? Exposed to the new and extraordinary in a wholly different environment, be it the wide-open spaces of 
Central Asia, the sights and sounds of the tropics, or the rugged beauty of a holiday in the mountains, returning home can seem mundane by comparison. Not true! 
Chances are you don’t have elephants roaming around your backyard. But there’s no reason to assume the safari is over. There really is so much to discover where you live: So get out there and explore! 

Connect with the place you live 

Point Reyes National Seashore is located just minutes from San Francisco.

If you live near the mountains, binoculars are great for scanning for faraway animals like deer or other mammals. They are also perfect for excursions on water: for checking out shore birds or the many animals that collect at the waterside to drink, especially in the early mornings. Forests come alive with a pair of binoculars in hand and you can easily reverse your binoculars to magnify a nearby caterpillar.  
If you have children and are looking to introduce them to the natural world where they live, or to get them ready to enjoy a nature or wildlife holiday in the future, getting kids familiar with binoculars builds an appreciation for nature and also prepares them to find a leopard hiding in the brush next time there’s a family holiday to South Africa.  

Rediscover your city and community

Binoculars are also amazing if you live in the city. If you think you know the place where you live, then think again. Oftentimes, the most compelling stories are hidden in the smallest details and binoculars are the perfect way to discover even more! It’s incredible how many details can be uncovered, from the expression on a gargoyle’s face on a 
gothic building to hidden details of a vintage office building as secretly concealed by the architect centuries ago. 
Take your binoculars with you the next time you visit any city. They fit easily in a day bag and you’ll be ready to spot urban nature or to get a close-up view of the everyday exotic

Get more value from the things you love to do 

Binoculars will help you to get closer to the action on stage.

The things you love to do, like attending sporting events, the theater, or a concert are even more interesting and compelling with binoculars. Get closer to the action than ever before and notice the fine details of your favorite stars on the biggest of stages or enjoy watching a family member on the field and witness all the details when they score the game-winning goal! 

Share the action with friends and family

Binoculars are great for exploring tide pools. Turn them around to magnify subjects, use them to scan below the surface, or take a close-up picture with your binoculars and smartphone to share with friends and family.

Binoculars were made for sharing. Few things about the joy of discovery are more satisfying than sharing something amazing with both friends and strangers. This is as true on holiday as it is back home. Trust us, everyone loves eagles, owls, deer and any of the other animals that inhabit the edges of where we call home. Share the extraordinary you discover with someone else! 
Special adapters designed especially for CL Companion binoculars that connect to your iPhone will even allow you to digitally share your experiences with others, either via messaging services, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or simply to have on your phone should the subject of your latest local adventure come up in conversation. 

Let adventure drive you

Burrowing owls live at baseball fields, city libraries and parks in many places in Florida, Texas and the Desert Southwest (USA).

Don’t let the dust settle on your beloved binoculars once the holiday ends. Everything that made them so essential while travelling also makes them equally as rewarding once you return home. 
Discovering or rediscovering the magic of where you live is the best way to fight those post-holiday blues and to turn an after-vacation hangover into a springboard for planning your next escape –either abroad or in your own neighborhood. 

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